Selling Bricks. Urban video clips, built environment and spatial politics is a research project that investigates the spatial issues and architectural implications rendered by the urban video clip in Europe from 2013. It arises from the analysis of more than 200 references of urban music video clips in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. It is part of the For The Record residency at the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum.

Selling Bricks is a long-term research project, by Bartlebooth, that investigates the built object and the space represented in the urban video clip. Previously, it took the form of a namesake photobook (Bartlebooth, 2019) and audiovisual installation as part of Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales, curated by Ethel Baraona in Matadero (Madrid) between 2020 and 2021.

Thanks to the Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision for the incomparable framework; to Katia Truijen, Erick Fowler, and Christel Leenen for the kind accompaniment; and to Pol Esteve Castelló and Léa-Catherine Szacka, and their students at the Architectural Association and The Berlage, respectively, for allowing us to share and discuss preliminary outcomes of the process. Special thanks to Alberto de Miguel aka horror.vacui for translating his visual and musical inner world and to Aurora Saseta for the magic on the code and infinite patience.

Every effort has been made to correctly acknowledge all material and sources provided in this digital archive. Please feel free to contact us if you find any mistakes or wrong sources, any error or omission will be corrected.

Idea and research: Antonio Giráldez López and Pablo Ibáñez Ferrera (Bartlebooth)

Video edit and music: Alberto de Miguel (horror.vacui)

Code and design: Aurora Saseta

Original videos, texts and images: their authors, accredited in each chapter.


© 2021 All rights reserved.

Somos de calle

Beef Boy, Yung Beef (2015). Dir: Joan Fuentelsaz

Somos de calle, MC Buseta (2018). Dir: Youngblood

Raval Ruina, Ayax (2021)

Giovane Fuoriclasse, CAPO PLAZA (2017)

Negrata, Moha the B. (2019). Dir by: jordaanfilms

Te recojo a las 19:66, Paranoid 1966 (2019). Dir by: Jota Visuals

Ball Out, Tavv (2019). Dir by: Cineterra

Madridista, Sabar (2021). Dir by: Samir el Jattari

Al filo, Fernandocosta (2020). Dir by: Rodrigo de Pablo

Yo sigo iual, Bad Gyal (2018). Dir by: Cyprien Clément-Delmás

Lavapiés, Afrojuice 195 (2020). Dir by: Hugo López Vision

Fifa Street, Afrojuice 195 (2017). Dir by: Play Film Pro

Imposible, Deva x ODDLIQUOR (2019). Dir by: Mario Arenas

Bilhets, CAPO PLAZA feat Ninho (2019). Dir by: Igor Grbesic & Marc Lucas

Crooks&Criminals, M37 (2020). Dir by: Zacobro

Hit the Block, SL x Pa Salieu (2020)

Chuletón, Yung Sarria (2020). Dir by: @kevinyern

Nihaya, Blondie(2018). Dir by: Dark king films

Afrotrap pt.3 , MHD (2015). Dir by: 420Workshop

Burnout, Tedua (2018). Dir by: Federico Merlo

Zinedine, Ayax (2020).

Raíces, Recycled J y Delaossa (2020).

Compton, PL2 (2020). Dir by: Resolve Vision.

RXL World, Magnums (2021)

Henny, Tana (2021)

Panda remix, Comagatte (2016). Dir by: Scar

Cacos, Kaidy Cain x El Mini (2017)

Come again, Ronnie Flex ft. Boef (2017)

Can’t switch, Tenna (2021)

Gucci Shana, Cecilio G (2015)

Schuif, LA$$A X Ashafar X Sjaak (2019). Dir by: Jonas Beck

6 for 6, Central Cee (2021)

Marry the game, YSK (2021)

Tabaka, DIKKE (2020). Dir by: Samir El Jattari

Wasabi freestyle, Tedua (2016). Dir by: Federico Merlo ​

Made in Orcasitas, El Jincho (2019). Dir by: @yourbestcover ​

Zumo piña, melocotón; Moncho Chavea, Original Elías y El Greco (2019) ​

Unruly, FME (2021) ​

Afrorue, Le Rue boys x Afrojuice (2017). Dir by: Young Blood ​

Lo mío es tuyo, Kaydy Cain (2018). Dir by: Hugo López ​

Filet mignon, La Zowi (2020) ​

Rara Avis, Natos y Waor (2016). Dir by: Hugo López ​

Lo mejor del barrio, Kaydy Cain (2016) ​

Lo que quiera, Morad (2019). Dir by: Iván Salvador ​

Duros, blandos y flojos, Morad (2021) ​

Barrio, Ashafar x Morad (2021) ​

Primero, segundo, Beny Jr (2021) ​